Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Sighting


Blogger nothing said...

Yeah. It happened about 4 times in my life that I met someone outside of the park and claims that I've drawn them. I tell them that I don't remember.

7:38 PM  
Blogger corey marie said...

one time when we were flying from SD to a con somewhere we saw a lady with a caricature.. it was by justin and her opinion of it was not the best but she had bought a frame. we broke the rule and talked to her though because we were curious to see it.

3:30 PM  
Blogger BrianMORANTE said...

You broke no rule. Since you did not draw them you are safe. I won't turn you in .

2:48 AM  
Blogger Impy said...

The day I read this post, before I got home and read it, some couple came up to me and asked if they could buy a large frame without a mat and then they told me I drew them a couple months ago and they bought a mat but no frame. So.. I sold em a frame. Weird O.o

11:25 PM  
Blogger BrianMORANTE said...

I sold a frame to a woman with a caricature done at least over 5 years ago from a girl that worked when I fist started.

1:53 AM  

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